'The Department of Defense has been co-opted to serve the pathological narcissism' of Trump: George Conway
Composite image of George Conway and President Donald Trump (screengrabs)

Top Washington lawyer George Conway lashed out at President Donald Trump again Wednesday night after news broke that the Department of Defense was "ordered" to move the USS John McCain out of the president's view.

Conway, who is famously married to senior Trump aide Kellyanne Conway, said that he was downright "appalled."

"Every time you think that you couldn’t possibly be any more appalled ... there’s always something new," Conway tweeted. "This story leaves me virtually speechless. It’s as though the entire executive branch, including the Department of Defense, has been co-opted to serve the pathological narcissism of one man."

Host and reporter Soledad O'Brien tweeted Conway's tweet asking why he continues to be surprised by such actions. Indeed, stories like this have become part of the norm in the Trump White House.