The GOP freakout over Trump Jr. subpoena is a ‘sign of weakness’ and ‘panic’: prominent conservative
Donald Trump Jr. gets interviewed by WTAE in Pennsylvania (Screen cap).

National Review editor Jonah Goldberg on Friday found himself getting into a spat with fellow conservative pundit Hugh Hewitt over Sen. Richard Burr's (R-NC) decision to level a subpoena against Donald Trump Jr.

The dispute started when Hewitt decried Burr's decision to haul Trump Jr. back to the Senate to testify about his actions during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Goldberg, however, said Hewitt should stand down on this one and let the Senate fulfill its oversight responsibilities as a coequal branch of government.

"I have zero problem with Burr's subpoena and I see the freakout about it as a sign of weakness/panic on GOP's part," Goldberg wrote. "But I love the line from Rand Paul making it sound like GOP senators should just do whatever Mitch tells them."

Hewitt, however, countered that he was simply concerned for Trump Jr.'s "civil liberties" in being forced to clear up possible past discrepancies from his earlier testimony.

Despite Hewitt's tweet, however, Trump Jr. never gave in-person testimony to special counsel Robert Mueller.