Trump and the right wing may have just mobilized millions of women: Conservative columnist Max Boot
Max Boot [ Screen grab from video ]

Conservative columnist Max Boot warned President Donald Trump and the rest of the right-wing that they should probably be aware that their culture war could backfire for the 2020 election.

"This whole base strategy is a long pedigree going back at least to Karl Rove and the 2004 election campaign where he decided there was no need to enlarge the base of bush support," Boot said.

The reference is to the crusade former President George W. Bush waged to outlaw LGBTQ equality. With a group of same-sex marriage bans across the country, Bush's campaign mobilized 10 million evangelicals Christians to ensure those bills passed and supported Bush along with it.

"All you had to do was mobilize existing Bush supporters and that’s essentially what Trump did in 2016," Boot said. "I think there’s reason to think that may not continue to work because with this move on abortion, for example, there’s a real risk the president’s supporters are going to mobilize all these women across the country to March in favor of abortion rights."

The pro-women movement could easily place initiatives on the ballot in key swing states that are a blanket "get government out of my personal life" law and mobilize millions of Americans that way.

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