Trump baffled guests at his flagship Scotland property with bizarre late-night redecoration spree: ex-employee
President Donald Trump. (AFP/File / Brendan Smialowski)

Yet another tell-all book behind the scenes in Trumpland is coming out soon, this time authored by longtime Trump Organization executive, George Sorial.

Sorial's book reveals a number of puzzling behaviors, reports The Scotsman.

One late night, Donald Trump and his son Eric were at a Trump property in Scotland—South Ayrshire hotel and golf resort—and Trump became obsessed with redecorating, so he had Sorial and Eric Trump hang heavy picture frames while guests gawked.

Sorial also points out that Trump is prone to violent tirades that he then considers as "water under the bridge."

The President was like a “kid at Christmas” redecorating the property, the Scotsman notes.

The longtime Trump associate also explains that Trump really loves hot dogs and Diet Coke.