Trump biographer reveals revolting motivation for Trump to be cozying up to Kim Jong Un
Award-winning reporter and Trump biographer David Cay Johnston (Photo: Screen capture)

Biographer and Pulitzer Prize winner David Cay Johnston revealed that President Donald Trump might be cozying up to North Korea because they have a history of hacking American companies.

Johnston spoke to SiriusXMProgress host Dean Obeidallah Tuesday and explained Trump might be trying to get some help from Kim Jong Un.

"Trump knows Russia helped him in the election. He accepted it willingly. Robert Mueller talked about it. Is there any possibility that Trump is thinking maybe North Korea, which has a history of cyber attacking Sony and other corporations in America, somehow will help him win the presidential election in 2020," asked Obeidallah.

"Dean, I think that's a perfectly reasonable thing to believe. Donald is making alliances with the most vicious, murderous dictators in the world," Johnston said. "And North Korea's cyber forces have been very effective..."

Johnston went on to say that Trump clearly is searching for help because he knows he won't win the popular vote in 2020.

"The only way he can win a second term is winning the Electoral College, and that can be helped mightily by relatively minor adjustments in results and voting systems," he concluded.

David Cay Johnston has partnered with Raw Story on exclusive reporting.

Listen to the clip below: