Trump buried in scorn for 'simple advice' to manufacturers to make their products in the US: 'Tell that to your daughter, idiot'
President Donald Trump yells at reporters at the White House (Screen cap).

On Saturday, following a week in which it became clear that President Donald Trump's tariff threats were not going to produce results with China and U.S. consumers could be slapped with ever-higher prices, the president took to Twitter to give everyone "simple" advice: you can avoid his trade war by manufacturing and buying American!

Of course, it is anything but that simple, as tariffs often cause U.S. manufacturers to pay more for raw materials and jack up their own prices as well.

In no time, social media piled on to mock the president's ignorance of basic economics. Many of them noted that Trump and his family do not even hold themselves to this standard, and other simply asked why they should be taking advice from a man who lost over a billion dollars in his own business empire: