'Trump family has been given a reward' for stonewalling: Maddow knocks GOP Senate for caving on Trump Jr. subpoena
MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow (screengrab)

The host of "The Rachel Maddow Show" on MSNBC said that President Donald Trump's strategy of stonewalling Congress proved successful in one case on Tuesday.

"Donald Trump Jr. will reportedly appear behind closed doors before the Senate intelligence committee next month under a new agreement in which the number of topics he’s asked about and the amount of time he has to testify will both be limited by agreement in advance," Maddow reported.

"That’s the kind of agreement, right, limiting the total amount of time, limiting the topics you can be asked about, that’s the type of agreement you would usually think would be negotiated in the context of a voluntary request for someone to appear, right? You wouldn’t expect the committee with subpoena power to make that kind of agreement. Right? To agree to those kinds of limitations and accommodations," she explained.

"Frankly, with subpoena power, they have the ability to compel you to comply. They have the ability to compel you to show up and testify without any terms and accommodations," she noted. "Why would they negotiate?"

"But, hey, this is a Trump family member and so special treatment, I suppose, is a given here. And incidentally, that means the Trump White House and Trump family have thus been given their first reward for the blanket stance they’ve taken since the Mueller report was submitted in which they say all subpoenas should be defied," she noted.

"Apparently, that stance already earned them relief from some of the things that Donald Trump Jr. would otherwise have been compelled to testify about, apparently that stance has also earned them a time limitation on the things — on the amount of time that he’ll have to spend testifying," Maddow added.