Trump has lost more than half of his Twitter interactions in the past year: report
President Donald Trump looking at a laptop (Photo: Twitter)

President Donald Trump once had the power to tweet and score results, get someone elected, or move Republicans on legislation. But that power seems to be losing its heft.

According to Axios, Trump's monthly interaction rate has tumbled significantly, data from CrowdTangle proved. Twitter and Facebook both cut down on fake accounts and those run by bots. Many lost Twitter followers, especially the president. But now his interactions are taking a hit.

Axios speculated it might be an indication his powerful communications tool could be wearing off or the way he uses it is no longer useful.

The month Trump was elected, his interaction rate was 0.55 percent. In June 2017 he had fallen to 0.32%. This month, he dropped again, to 0.16 percent.

The top Trump tweet of his presidency was the video doctored to show him taking down a man with a CNN logo for a head. It had over 930,000 interactions.

The second and third most popular interactions were insults and threats to Kim Jong Un.

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