Trump has ‘soiled the Oval Office’: Actor Jeff Daniels says ‘it’s time to get off the fence’
Actor Jeff Daniels on MSNBC (screengrab)

Actor Jeff Daniels, currently portraying Atticus Finch on Broadway, had harsh words for President Donald Trump during a Thursday evening interview on "The Last Word" with Lawrence O'Donnell.

"I think in all 1,400 of your audience members every night, they all pick a line or a couple of lines that resonate that that’s the moment for them, that's where they connect to today," O'Donnell noted. "For me, if I had to pull it down to one line, it’s the one line I referred to in introducing that clip, which is 'We can’t go on like this.' That is a feeling that I am picking up from people all over this country, we can’t go on like this -- and we’ve been there before, as this play shows."

"It feels very familiar to just what’s going on just today, you know with Justin Amash coming up. When he tweeted it was like, okay, you tweeted, that’s a profile in courage I guess nowadays," Daniels said. "And then he did the town hall in front of his constituents. And those weren’t just Democrats in there coming, they were Republicans and they were standing and cheering this guy.

Those people are out there. I live out there. I live in Michigan. They’re out there. They’re ashamed of what’s going on. The fact that this guy, this president has completely soiled the Oval Office, soiled the presidency. And you’ve got a lot of people and I keep looking at them, I go when is enough enough?" he wondered.

"It’s time to get off the fence. Much like Atticus -- Atticus has to come off the porch," Daniels declared.