Trump is ‘antsy’ about Deutsche Bank -- they have seen his ‘elusive’ tax returns
Donald Trump (Photo: Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

On Friday, a report in Bloomberg revealed that President Donald Trump is afraid of Deutsche Bank because some of the bankers have actually seen his tax returns.

"Donald Trump doesn’t want anyone to see his tax returns. Not the public. Not Congress," the report said. "But at least one group has peered into the carefully guarded trove and could provide some insight -- a team from Deutsche Bank AG."

The report went on to explain that bankers were able to see Trump's taxes in 2012.

"The bankers got a look before agreeing to lend to the Trump Organization in 2012 -- access that was described by two people familiar with the interaction. It was all part of a fresh start on a banking relationship that had soured after the financial crisis, descending into litigation over a Chicago project," the report explained.

Trump and his family sued the bank after Democrats sought to subpoena the bank. A report from Vanity Fair describes Trump as "antsy" in his efforts to stop the Deutsche.

"After a recent subpoena, Deutsche Bank was prepared to begin on May 6 turning over details to Congress about that relationship and its loans to Trump family businesses. Now, Trump and his family have sued to stop the flow of information. That follows an earlier lawsuit against Democrats and Trump’s outside accounting firm to prevent similar subpoena response," the report added.

Read the full report here.