Trump is 'anxious' Biden can 'build a coalition' that will beat him: Former GOP congressman
Former US vice president Joe Biden arrives at a union rally in Dorchester, Massachusetts (AFP Photo/JOSEPH PREZIOSO)

President Donald Trump has been raging about former Vice President Joe Biden incessantly since the announcement of his candidacy for 2020, commenting on how easily he can beat him and at one point this week even retweeting 60 anti-Biden tweets in one hour.

To former Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), who discussed the matter on MSNBC's "Hardball with Chris Matthews," this is a sign of fear.

"I think people tend to talk about things that make them anxious, and I think Joe Biden makes Donald Trump a little anxious," said Curbelo, a Trump-skeptic Republican who lost his South Florida seat in the midterm Democratic wave election last year.

"I think there are two types of candidates that pose the greatest threat to the president," continued Curbelo. "One is a movement-type candidate, and the other is a candidate that can build a coalition, and certainly Joe Biden can build a coalition. He can rebuild that Democratic wall in the Midwest. You were talking about and labor support earlier on your show, Joe Biden can win back a lot of those Democratic labor voters that ended up supporting Trump over Hillary Clinton."

"So certainly, the president understands that Biden is a formidable, or could be a formidable opponent, and that makes him a little anxious," Curbelo concluded. "And I think that's why he's talking about him so much despite the fact that he's getting advice from his political team to stop talking about the Democratic primary and not elevate the types of candidates that would be most likely to beat him."

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