Trump Organization exec publishes a bizarre op-ed kicking Michael Cohen on his way to prison
Michael Cohen (ABC News)

Former Trump "fixer" Michael Cohen is heading to prison on Monday -- and a Trump Organization executive has published an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal slamming him as he goes to jail for the next three years.

George Sorial, the Trump Organization’s executive vice president, argues in the op-ed that Cohen frequently exaggerated his role within the Trump Organization, despite having a reputation as the man who cleaned up President Donald Trump's messes by paying off former mistresses.

"For Mr. Cohen to claim he had major decision-making authority at the Trump Organization is ridiculous," Sorial writes. "He told Congress he was a 'fixer.' I’d put it this way: He was hired muscle; a bluffing, boasting New Yorker who could shock people into action. He did chase licensing deals and outlandish opportunities, but he never delivered. Trump Moscow was a fantasy that no one in the office took seriously."

The Trump Organization executive goes on to say that no one in the organization trusted Cohen with any real authority, and his actions were generally seen as pathetic attempts to win favor with Trump himself.

At the end of his editorial, Sorial taunts Cohen for the crimes he's committed -- even though many of those crimes were done in the service of Trump.

"Remember, Michael, you’re going to prison because you lied to Congress, didn’t pay your taxes, and defrauded financial institutions in your personal accounts," he writes. "There’s no one to blame for that but yourself."

Read the whole editorial here.