Trump voter in economically ravaged community gives horrifying reason why he'll never abandon the president
Press-hating Trump supporter yells at journalists at Florida rally (Frank Thorp V)

The New York Times recently traveled to Ohio, where people who voted for President Donald Trump in 2016 say they're sticking with him despite the fact that their area's economy still hasn't significantly improved since the last presidential election.

Darrell Franks, a retired tool and die maker who backs Trump, told the Times that he likes the idea of having a president who frightens the rest of the world.

"What I want from a president is the rest of the world to look at him and go, ‘Don’t mess with that guy, he will get even,’" he said.

Franks then went on to elaborate about what he does not want to see from a presidential candidate.

"I don’t want kinder, gentler," he said. "I don’t want some female that wants her agenda."

Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) similarly told the Times that many people in the area have long been angry about its economic decline and will respond well to someone who promises to hurt others on their behalf.

"The communities were cut loose and ignored and then they voted for Trump because at least he’s punching somebody in the face, and no one else is," Ryan explained.