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Trump White House in chaos and dysfunction darting between trade war and threatened real war with Iran: NYT reporter



Donald Trump’s famously undisciplined White House is under further chaos due to the president’s decisions on the world stage.

“Tonight the jarring chaos currently under way. Financial markets roiling amid a trade war. Stocks on the Dow plunging over 600 points as China hits us back on tariffs,” MSNBC anchor Brian Williams reported.

“Then tonight we learned about contingencies for U.S. Troops going to war with Iran as the president says, ‘we’ll see what happens.’ Plus, Trump plans a new meeting with Putin, Rod Rosenstein takes aim at Jim Comey, and Trump’s own FBI director appears to be his next big target,” he continued.

For analysis, the host turned to New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker.

“Well, you read off the list of stories you just did and you feel like you’re caught in the middle of a hurricane,” Baker explained. I”n Washington we have a name for it, it’s called Monday. We just — this presidency time and time again you just see so many things happening all at once, it’s hard to get your head around any one thing.”


“We’re in a tariff war with China. We may be in a shooting war with Iran. We are obviously in a political war between the president and Congress,” he explained.

“You know, how do you settle which of these things is the most important to follow?” he wondered. “It’s bewildering and perplexing for people, policymakers, as well as journalists who are trying to sort of get their thumbs on what this presidency is all about.”

“The long-term thing is probably the China thing, probably the tariff war, because hat goes to the heart of his presidency which is to say Economics. The thing that is going to lift him or not in next year’s election may be the economy. He does have a good economy going right now. It’s kept him going through all the different scandals and all these different controversies,” Baker explained. “People look at their own pocketbooks. But whether that is going to stay the same if we continue to be in this war over trade with China is a big, open question.”



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Tongue-tied GOP strategist crashes and burns on-air while trying to deny Trump’s racism



Republican strategist Amy Tarkanian crashed and burned on CNN on Saturday while attempting to deny President Donald Trump's racism.

"I do not believe that the president’s tweets were racist. I do believe they were not well thought out. He needs that extra, 'Are you sure?' button on Twitter," Tarkanian argued.

"I'm a black man, I'm a Republican and a black man," the Rev. Joe Watkins interjected. "My mother's an immigrant, I would be angry if someone said that to my mother."

"Oh, it’s very offensive. But he did not say, because you are this color, go back to where you came from," Tarkanian argued. "I’m not supporting that tweet. Was it racist? No. Was it stupid? Yes."

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Trump supporter blames Democrats for being targeted by the president: ‘Why is that racist?’



CNN interviewed a supporter of President Donald Trump in Eau Claire, Wisconsin who refused to acknowledge the racism in the president's "Go Back" attacks on four women of color in Congress.

The network interviewed Kerri Krumenauer of Wiersgalla Plumbing & Heating Company about Trump's attacks.

"How is it racist?" she asked.

"If you don't like this country, get out," she demanded. "Leave!"

She then showed how misinformed she was about the incident.

"He didn't use any names -- they stood up," she falsely claimed. In fact, Trump did use names and the targets did not stand up as they were not at his North Carolina campaign rally.

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2020 Election

Here’s how Trump hopes to recreate his 2016 presidential win — and how Democrats can send him packing



Writing for CNN on Saturday, election forecaster Harry Enten explained how President Donald Trump's recent, racist behavior lies in his desire to recreate the same electoral conditions that gave him a victory in 2016 in the presidential election next year.

"The Trump strategy is pretty simple: 1. Drive up the unfavorable ratings of his Democratic rival as he did in 2016 in order to compensate for his own low ratings. 2. Bank on an electoral college/popular vote split as he did in 2016. 3. Use a campaign of racial resentment to drive up turnout even more among groups favorable toward the President," wrote Enten. As he noted, Democrats have excellent odds to flip back Michigan and Pennsylvania, but they will have to work harder to win back any of the other states Trump flipped from the 2012 Obama camp — in particular Wisconsin, which was the closest state after those two.

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