Trump's allies are willing to be held in contempt to keep the president's taxes secret until after the election: Former Mueller aide
Donald Trump speaks to reporters at The White House (Fox News/screen grab)

On CNN Saturday, special counsel Robert Mueller's former DOJ Special Assistant Michael Zeldin cut to the heart of why President Donald Trump and his GOP allies seem unconcerned by the threat of contempt of Congress as they block House attempts to obtain the president's tax returns.

"It seems to me that they've made a decision that across the board ... that all of these subpoenas for congressional oversight that they're entitled to, they are going to stonewall," said Zeldin. "That seems to be a strategy they have adopted. They seem to be willing to take the contempt citation."

"They understand fully well that if there is litigation around contempt, it could be months and months and even years, and that advantages them," Zeldin explained. "I think they believe the information is being sought will be damaging to their political and legal interests, and they have made a decision, if that's the case, rather than give it up, we'll stonewall and delay and hope the 2020 election comes and goes before anyone sees the documents."

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