Trump's bank records could reveal why he 'is not loyal to the United States': Ex-White House ethics chief
Richard Painter on MSNBC. (Screenshot)

Richard Painter, the former chief ethics attorney for President George W. Bush, explained Monday on MSNBC why Democrats are interested in obtaining Donald Trump's banking records.

"If those banks want to do business inside the United States, they're going to turn those records over right away. This is a matter critical to our national security," Painter said.

"President Trump has financial dealings all over the world and many of [them are in] some of the worst dictatorships in the word. He may very well be getting money from the Russians, from Ukraine. We have no idea where, and the United States Congress needs to find out right away."

"This is a serious threat to our national security. We have a president who is now over there in Japan talking about the situation in Korea, diminishing the threat to the United States from missiles coming in from [North] Korea and getting together with the dictator Kim Jong Un in Korea to attack Joe Biden."

"54,000 Americans died in the Korean war. And the president is doing this on Memorial Day. We need to know why this president is not loyal to the United States. Congress needs to get those documents, we need to move towards impeachment because this is a very dangerous situation for national security."