Trump’s economic message went ‘out the window’ after president’s disastrous Putin call: CNN panel
President Donald Trump talks in the White House (Screen cap).

On Friday, a CNN panel hosted by Jake Tapper bashed President Donald Trump for ruining his own message.

Trump's team and TV networks were set to talk about the positive economic numbers coming out. However, that news got pushed to the side after Trump had a phone call with Vladimir Putin and failed to warn him against future election hacking.

"We were going to lead with the economy on the show, it was going to be the first block, we were going to sing the numbers, and President Trump decided to talk to Vladimir Putin and talk about the Russia hoax and all of that," Tapper said.

"Today’s a perfect example of that,"  CNN reporter Abby Phillip said.  "White House aides were blanketing TV all day today, scheduled to talk about economic numbers they knew were coming out today because they always come out on the first Friday of the month."

She added, "And instead, halfway through the day, this, with Trump and Putin, yet again throwing everything off of the message. I’ve been covering this president since the beginning, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a full day of the White House carrying out a message on the economy."

"It’s because the president always steps on his own message. He was feeling really good this morning about where things are going, about the Mueller report being done. He talked to Putin and then everything went out the window," she said.

Watch below via CNN: