Trump's spin is 'all out of the KGB playbook': Counterintelligence expert Malcolm Nance
MSNBC intelligence analyst Malcolm Nance.

During an MSNBC discussion Wednesday, counterintelligence expert Malcolm Nance explained that President Donald Trump is taking a page right out of the KGB playbook when it comes to his response to his mounting investigations.

In wake of special counsel Robert Mueller's press conference, Trump and his allies are making the case that Mueller confirmed that Trump did nothing wrong and thus is vindicated. In fact, Mueller told Congress that it was clear the Judicial branch of the American government cannot act when it comes to a president's activities.

Nance called it a combination of narcissism and disinformation that is couched in Trump's messages about Mueller.

"Donald Trump is a master of his own personal narcissism and it feeds into him saying, 'it's a hoax, there's nothing to it,'" Nance said. "He knows by exonerating Russia and himself and throwing smoke up into the air, he can now create a narrative that he wants, which is 'no collusion, no obstruction.' All of it is a lie. The worst part is, this is all straight from the KGB playbook. This is old school. But he's is good at it."

Host Chris Matthews recalled when Trump admitted he was a "nationalist" all while defending the actions of Russia.

Mother Jones' David Corn called out Trump for this scandal all while ignoring Russia continues to attempt to undermine the American democracy.

"The central sin of the Trump scandal is that while Russia was attacking the United States and attacking American democracy, Donald Trump was saying, 'it's not happening.' He was echoing Russian disinformation. He was seen to benefit from it. Then his people were meeting with Russians while this was happening. He denied this happened. He gave cover. He helped whether he was in on it, criminal conspiracy or not, he gave cover. He helped Putin get away with this. If it's not criminal. It's betrayal. It's treachery."

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