Trump’s support comes almost entirely from Fox News viewers: report
Donald Trump appears on Fox and Friends (Screen cap).

President Donald Trump has been historically unpopular throughout his first term -- but he has a rock-solid base of around 42 percent of the electorate that has generally stuck with him despite the constant swirl of scandal and controversy.

A new NBC News-Wall Street Journal survey shows that Fox News viewers have disproportionately skewed views of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

According to the survey, a full 50 percent of Fox News viewers believe that Mueller's report completely cleared Trump of any wrongdoing, even though the report itself specifically said that it could not exonerate the president from obstruction of justice charges.

In comparison, just 21 percent of people who get their news primarily from traditional network news broadcasts think the report cleared Trump, while just 14 percent of CNN viewers said the same.

The results hold up on other questions as well -- 61 percent of Fox viewers said that Trump has been "honest" about the Russia probe, while just 24 percent of CNN viewers and 29 percent of network broadcast news viewers said the same.

Additionally, the survey found that Fox News viewers are the only segment of TV news watchers who actually approve of the president, as 73 percent of them said they approved of him. In comparison, 38 percent of broadcast news viewers approved of Trump, while just 34 percent of CNN viewers approved of the president.

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