On Monday, the Senate Intelligence Committee reached an agreement with Donald Trump Jr. over the subpoena for information about his former statements under oath to Congress, a move that was in many ways favorable to the president's son.

Nonetheless, the deal does provide the Senate with a window to grill him over his prior claims to lawmakers, since contradicted by new evidence, that he was only marginally involved in the Trump Tower Moscow project. And as CBS national security correspondent Jim Sciutto told CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Trump Jr. will be less insulated from legal threats than his father for a very big reason.

"What's also significant is that this will be a verbal Q&A for between two to four hours, not simply written questions and written answers," Blitzer pressed him. "That was one of the options that we were told yesterday could be on the table, as well. This is a significant development."

"Absolutely. And of course, that is the way that the president answered questions from the special counsel," said Sciutto. "The special counsel — and we learned this again, confirmed in the Mueller report — sought to have a face to face interview, but in effect gave up on that. Took those written answers, to which the president frequently answered, 'I cannot recall.'"

"It is a qualitative difference to be able to sit face to face with the witness and challenge their answers in person on the spot," said Sciutto.

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