‘Veep’ producers hilariously list off all Selina Meyer’s faults modeled on Trump: She also 'pretends to like her family'
Composite image of fictional 'Veep' President Selina Meyer (promotional poster) and real-life President Donald Trump (screengrab)

Two executive producers of HBO's Emmy Award-winning show "Veep" cataloged the similarities between fictional President Selina Meyer and actual President Donald Trump during a Thursday appearance on MSNBC.

Anchor Ari Melber interviewed Frank Rich and David Mandel on "The Beat."

"I would argue, if anybody is Trump, Selina is Trump," Mandel said. "Not that anybody is Trump."

Mandel explained the similarities.

"She’s horrific and despicable in many ways and holds grudges and has a very sort of a hair-trigger temper and that kind of a thing," he noted.

"And pretends to like her family," Rich added. "And she doesn’t give a lot to charity, I don’t think."

"Invokes God when she feels it serves her own purposes," Mandel noted.

"She has to look at the index of her own memoir to find out her position on abortion," Rich said.

"Not fond of her own children and never pays taxes," Mandel noted.

"But other than that..." he joke.