Video shows black mom threatening entire classroom with 'ass whoopins for free' for bullying her daughter
Mother warns students in classroom not to bully her daughter (Ciella Harrison/Twitter)

Video of a classroom went viral this week after an African-American mother scolded students for bullying her daughter.

The incident was captured on cell phone video by the sister of one of the students.

"Some girl at my little brothers school was being bullied and her mom shows up and puts all these kids in their place lmaoo💀💀," Ciella Harrison wrote in a Twitter post.

In the video, the mother can be heard dressing down students over alleged bullying of her daughter.

"She's a girl, y'all are boys," the mother says. "If y'all bully my daughter, if you look at her the wrong way, if you breathe the wrong way -- say to your mom, sisters, anyone over 18, I'll fuck them all up. Do you understand me?"

"Leave my daughter alone and I'm not going to say it again," she adds. "And I'm letting you know right now, any mom, any sister can catch these hands, okay? You are going to leave her alone."

The mother goes on to clarify that the prohibition on bullying includes social media messages.

"Don't post nothing about her, none of that," she warns. "Y'all think you're bullies. I'm the big bully. Okay?"

"Tell your moms, tell your sisters, tell your aunties, cousins, whoever," the mother says. "As long as you are over 18, we can handle this any day. You understand that? Ass whoopins. For free! You don't even got to pay for it. For free! Do you all understand me? Leave this girl alone."

Watch the video below from Ciella Harrison.