WATCH: Dem committee chairman excoriates GOP anti-science witness for 'career of trolling scientists'
Jared Huffman and Marc Marano appear at House hearing (screen grab)

Rep. Jared Huffman (D-MO) -- chairman of the House Subcommittee on Water, Oceans, and Wildlife (WOW) -- scolded a witness this week for making a career out of trolling scientists.

The confrontation came during a WOW hearing on Wednesday.

One Republican witness, Marc Morano, argued that Democrats were wrong to pursue climate change solutions.

"What it means is people are going to be paying higher energy costs for absolutely no benefit," Morano told the committee. "Even if you believe -- and you shouldn't -- every claim made by the United Nations or Al Gore, the Green New Deal [and] the UN Paris Agreement will have the temperature difference in 100 years that's imperceptible."

Later in the hearing, Huffman called out Morano, noting that he has a degree as a political scientist.

“I don’t know what inspires someone to make a career of trolling scientists or monetizing contrarian ideology on the YouTube and TED Talk circuit," the chairman told Morano. "But it’s just a very different kind of conversation than the science-based conversation I think many of us would like to try to have.”

In an interview with EOS, Huffman condemned Republicans on the committee for stacking the hearing with anti-science witnesses.

“There’s a narrative around here [in Congress] that Republicans are coming around on science and climate. Look no further than the witnesses they continue to dredge out of the fever swamp for these subcommittee hearings, and you’ll see that they’ve got a long way to evolve,” he explained to the publication. “This is shadowy stuff, and we see it week after week: instead of scientists, people from these junior varsity think tanks that they keep dredging up. Apparently, witnesses from QAnon and Infowars... were unavailable, and so this is what we get.”

Watch the video below.