WATCH LIVE: Nadler threatens McGahn with contempt as former White House lawyer skips House hearing
House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday is holding a hearing on the oversight of the Mueller report, which was supposed to include testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn.

The White House directed McGahn to defy a subpoena to appear before the committee.

"This move is just the latest act of obstruction from the White House that includes its blanket refusal to cooperate with this Committee. It is also the latest example of this Administration’s disdain for law," House Judiciary chairman Jerrold Nadler said in a statement.

"It is absurd for President Trump to claim privilege as to this witness’s testimony when that testimony was already described publicly in the Mueller Report. Even more ridiculous is the extension of the privilege to cover events before and after Mr. McGahn’s service in the White House."

"The Committee will convene as planned... and Mr. McGahn is expected to appear as legally required," Nadler added.

The lawmaker told CNN on Monday that "the first thing we're going to do is hold McGahn in contempt."

Watch live video below: