WATCH: Pelosi shreds McConnell for killing important legislation – then sets her sights on Barr
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Photo: Screen capture)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went after Senate Leader Mitch McConnell for killing good legislation that the House is passing. Meanwhile, Attorney General Bill Barr is breaking the law, Pelosi explained.

The moment came when Pelosi spoke to the press during her weekly press conference. She noted that there is an anti-government, anti-science agenda among Republicans who refuse to meet the needs of the American people.

"I thought, this isn't about President Trump only," Pelosi said for the reasons Barr was so "cavalier" during his Senate testimony Wednesday. "It's about a right-wing ideological, handmaiden. They're handmaidens to the special interest groups."

Pelosi cited specific pieces of legislation that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is refusing to bring up for a vote.

"If you're a woman, the Violence Against Women Act, equal pay for equal work that we sent over to the Senate," Pelosi said of the legislation the House has passed. "The grim reaper, Mitch McConnell will kill it. If you care about reducing the role of money in politics as HR1, legislation stopping the voter suppression and expanding the voice of the people in our political process, Mitch McConnell will kill it because he has said the problem is not too much money in politics, he said there's not enough money in politics."

She went on to say that Democrats' HR1 was about expanding the voice of the people over big donors, yet the GOP refuses to allow it a vote in the Senate. Meanwhile, the GOP's HR1 was about giving tax cuts to the top 1 percent.

"It's also about gun safety," Pelosi continued. "We sent over HR112 for responsible background checks. Handmaidens to the National Rifle Association and the special interest. Connect the dots. When you see Barr sitting there, what's his motivation? His motivation -- his loyalty is not to his oath of office -- it is to all of the Republicans in Congress is to the special interests. So whether it's HR1 or gun safety, paycheck fairness, violence against women, saving the internet, climate action now, the list goes on."

When she was asked if Barr broke the law, Pelosi seemed to agree, saying "he lied to Congress."

You can watch in the video below: