WATCH: Texas cop manhandles innocent black man in tense confrontation – all because of his dreads

A heated exchange between a black man and a Harris County, Texas, police officer has gone viral on social media, prompting the Sheriff's department to investigate, reports KPRC.

Clarence Evans was throwing a football around with his 6-year-old son, when an officer approached him. He was investigating reports of a stolen dog. But the exchange quickly escalated after the officer accused him of being a fugitive from Louisiana.

The officer asked to see Evans' ID. Evans refused. From there on the cop repeatedly accused him of being a criminal from Louisiana named Quintin.

"Then, well, let's just see the ID and we'll be done," the deputy said multiple times.

Then the video, shot by Evans' wife, starts.

"You've already called me by three different names!" Evans yells. "My name is not f-----g Quentin!"

"Who are you looking for?" his wife asks.

The officer shows Evans a picture of another man.

"Doesn't that look like you?" he asks.

"No! That don't look like me! What the f--- is wrong with you?!" Evans responded. "You trying to say because I've got dreads, that's me?!"

He told KPRC that the incident made him extremely uncomfortable.

"I just felt violated," Evans later told . "Actually, I thought it was a joke at first. I thought it was a prank or something."