West Virginia coal magnate sues Donald Trump Jr. for 'weaponized defamation'
Donald Trump Jr. appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Former Republican Senate candidate and coal mining magnate Don Blankenship is now suing Donald Trump Jr. in a similar complaint he's filed against 75 news agencies for "weaponized defamation." Blankenship claims that he lost his Republican primary election because people called him a "felon," not as a result of the actual crimes for which he was convicted.

According to the court documents filed in Mingo County, West Virginia, Blankenship claimed that referring to him as a "felon" was part of an orchestrated campaign by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the Washington "DC establishment."

Blankenship was found guilty of a misdemeanor for chronic safety violations in his mines, including one where an explosion killed 29 West Virginia miners.

"So too is the establishment media's bloodthirsty desire to destroy those with whom they disagree politically. We live in an age of weaponized defamation where lies can be repeated in more ways at more times in more places with more speed than anyone could possibly have imagined even five years ago, much less 1964 when the seminal case in the areas of defamation of public figures was decided," the court filing says.

Blankenship lost in the Republican primary in 2018 to State Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, yet, somehow the Republicans involved are said to have acted in a way that would protect Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.

The complaint against Trump Jr. went through seven pages before it finally came to reference him.

"Donald Trump Jr. tweeted that Mr. Blakenship was a 'felon' after meeting with, and as part of a scheme with, NRSC leadership seeking to prevent Mr. Blakenship's victory in the primary."

Trump Jr. is one of McConnell's "surrogates," the filing alleged.

"Mr. Blankenship is well-acquainted with the rough and tumble of politics," the lawsuit claimed. "This is not that."

Oddly enough, Blankenship attacked McConnell as "Cocaine Mitch" for unfounded allegations his wife's family is involved in a drug trafficking scheme.

McConnell has not sued Blankenship for the "weaponized defamation."