White House is terrified over ‘almost irrefutable evidence’ Trump obstructed justice: Ex-FBI official
Official White House photo of President Donald Trump meeting with his intelligence team in the Oval Office.

There is "great fear" in the White House that special counsel Robert Mueller presented "almost irrefutable evidence" that President Donald Trump obstructed justice, a former top FBI official said on MSNBC.

Former FBI Assistant Director for Counter-Intelligence Frank Figliuzzi was interviewed by anchor Nicolle Wallace on "Deadline: White House" on Tuesday.

"Well, it — as hundreds of prosecutors have already said in writing -- it’s essentially a slam dunk on at least charging obstruction," Figliuzzi.

"If the American people were to hear this play out, in their living rooms at home on television, they’d be hearing a very credible witness or series of witnesses explain what they were directed to do by the president of the United States, they would hear the moral and ethical dilemmas they were placed in by the president, they would hear the pushing back that went on against the president," he explained. "And it would be almost irrefutable evidence."

Figliuzzi noted comments earlier in the day from White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

"I think that’s what’s put great fear into this White House, even I think as early as this morning, Kellyanne Conway said everyone’s read the report, we don’t need to hear it again," he noted. "Well Nicolle, I can assure you, most of America has not read the report and that’s exactly why we all need to hear it and hear it soon."

"Frank, you and I should read the report to them, there's a podcast in there somewhere," Wallace said.

"Can we stop assuming that anyone’s read the Mueller report except the six of us?" Wallace said of her guests.

"I'm not even sure about all of us," former federal prosecutor Berit Berger joked.