White man accused of shooting two black men had a phone filled with mass shooting videos: prosecutors
Shooting suspect William Shutt

Prosecutors in Florida this week revealed that a white man who has been accused of shooting two black victims had ties to white supremacist movements and had a phone filled with videos of mass shootings.

The Tampa Bay Times reports that prosecutors discussed 31-year-old shooting suspect William Shutt's ties to extremist groups during a bail hearing on Thursday in which they successfully argued that he should be denied release before going on trial.

During the hearing, prosecutors asked St. Petersburg police Detective Christina Kenney whether the alleged suspect had any connection to "alt-right groups" that promote white supremacist ideology. Kenney replied that there was, although she was not allowed to elaborate further on this point.

Additionally, prosecutors showed that Shutt's cellphone contained several videos of mass shootings, "including footage of the March 15 massacre at a New Zealand mosque that was livestreamed... a video of a man shooting a police officer and a video of a man whose face was pounded with an axe until he died."

Police say that Shutt, a military veteran, stockpiled weapons at the home of a man who employed him as a caretaker. Shutt also took several photos of his weapons with his phone.

This past March, Shutt allegedly opened fire on a car with two black men inside who had pulled up alongside his car in his neighborhood in St. Petersburg. 42-year-old victim Quentin Hicks died during the shooting, while 31-year-old victim Tyler Oliverbrooks Acker was wounded.

Shutt faces charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder.