Wisconsin college student slipped past Secret Service at Mar-a-Lago just to see if he could
Photo: Marine One at Mar-a-Lago. Image via Wikimedia

According to the Palm Beach Post, Mark Lindblom, an 18-year-old freshman at the University of Wisconsin, tried to trick the Secret Service into admitting him into President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf resort during his Thanksgiving break last November, just to see if he could.

It turns out, he could.

Lindblom gained access by simply walking down the beach from his grandparents' tennis club to Mar-a-Lago, and joining the queue for a restricted-access tunnel under Florida State Road A1A into the building. The Secret Service wanded him and sent him through a metal detector, but apparently did not check his identification or ask his business.

All of this occurred while Trump and his family were visiting.

Lindblom told a federal magistrate judge on Tuesday that he was sorry and had no ill intent in gaining access to the president's club.

This breach occurred four months before the well-publicized incident in which a Chinese national was arrested at Mar-a-Lago with flash drives and surveillance equipment.