Wisconsin GOP thinks creating 'safe' spaces for Trump supporters is key to winning in 2020
A Trump supporter threatens to burn down Revolution Books in Berkeley, California (Screen cap).

The Wisconsin Republican Party got dealt a series of stinging defeats during the 2018 midterm elections -- but the party doesn't think it needs a big change in its policies.

Rather, as outlined by The New Republic's Alex Shephard, they think it's important to create "safe" spaces for Trump supporters on places like college campuses.

Citing a recent autopsy report of the Wisconsin GOP's losses in 2018, Shephard documents how the party constantly dances around its problems and relies mostly on promoting better organizing.

In particular, the report bemoans the plight of College Republican groups "who find themselves outnumbered and too often unsupported" on college campuses, although the report does say that "college campuses have an obligation to allow diverse points of view to be heard, and that includes the center right perspective."

The report then claims that the best path to victory in 2020 is to "help make it safe to outwardly support the President, and use our recognized superiority in data to implement a strategy that re-elects our President and benefits our local and legislative candidates."

Read more about the report here.