You can 'smell Trump's panicked flopsweat' as House Dems close in on his taxes: Rick Wilson
Donald Trump, photo by Michael Vadon.

GOP strategist Rick Wilson believes that Democrats ought to be patient and let House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) strategy of slow-rolling impeachment play out -- and he says that the end result is that Trump will still be completely "f*cked."

Writing in the Daily Beast, Wilson says he sympathizes with Democrats who are frustrated that the Trump administration is stonewalling their every request.

However, he says that holding impeachment hearings right now, before they've played out their legal options to obtain information from the White House, would be a mistake.

Wilson specifically thinks that Democrats are going to be able to get their hands on Trump's tax returns without having to start up an impeachment inquiry.

"This is a matter of black-letter law, with almost no serious legal scholars making even the most superficial defense of the current contempt with which Secretary Steve Mnuchin and the Treasury Department are behaving," Wilson argues. "Judge Amit Mehta made it quite clear in his 14-page ruling that the rights of Congress to conduct oversight are not founded by the moods and whims of the man-child engaged in stompy-foot time in the Oval Office or in the novel legal theories of his legal team."

Wilson then argues that getting Trump's taxes alone will give Democrats everything they need to crush Trump politically.

"That smell? It’s Trump’s panicked flopsweat," Wilson writes. "Trump’s taxes are his kryptonite, and you can expect him to fight harder on this point than any other."

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