'You have NOTHING against teen fondling?' Rick Wilson takes Trump to the woodshed for praise of Roy Moore
GOP strategist Rick Wilson appears on 'Morning Joe' (Screen cap).

Republican strategist Rick Wilson brought down the hammer on President Donald Trump for once again praising failed Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Trump tweeted this week that he didn't want Moore to run for Senate again in 2020, and he cited Moore's failed 2017 bid in which he lost to Democrat Doug Jones.

However, Trump also insisted in his tweet that he had "NOTHING against Roy Moore" and he claimed that "unlike many Republicans, [I] wanted him to win."

Wilson then threw this tweet back in Trump's face by pointing to the multiple credible allegations that an adult Moore had molested women when they were still teenagers.

"You have NOTHING against a kid-diddling, pedo-curious, mall-stalking, teen-fondling perv?" an apoplectic Wilson wrote. "Nothing against a man who 'dated' minor children when as a grown man? Nothing against a goddamn weirdo who's one trip to Thailand short of an Interpol warrant? Nothing? Nothing at all?"

Trump in 2017 gave Roy Moore his full endorsement in the Senate race despite a bombshell Washington Post report documenting credible allegations of sexual misconduct -- including one where a 32-year-old Moore allegedly initiated a sexual encounter with a 14-year-old girl.