‘You’re lying’: Angela Rye shuts down Republican operative’s mistruths about impeaching Trump for racism
Composite image of Mike Shields and Angela Rye on CNN (screengrab)

Republican operative and CNN political commentator Mike Shields was shut down on Tuesday after completely misrepresenting the position of a Democratic member of Congress.

CNN's Don Lemon interviewed Rep. Al Green (D-TX) who explained the dynamics of President Donald Trump's racism as Democrats debate commencing with impeachment proceedings.

Following the interview, Lemon turned to Shields for analysis.

"We're way past the 100-day mark of their new Congress, can anyone tell us anything they’ve done other than investigate the president? And that’s not what they ran on and certainly not what 30-odd members sitting in Trump districts told their can constituents they were going to do."

"They have passed numerous bills though that Mitch McConnell won’t bring up," Lemon fact-checked.

"When your stance is to investigate and you have members like Congressman Green coming out and saying we should just impeach him because we disagree with him, to hell with what the voters said, we just don't like him," Shields argued.

"That's not what he said," CNN political commentator Angela Rye interrupted.

"He said impeach him for policies," Shields falsely claimed.

"No, he said impeach him because bigotry has been infused in his policies," Rye corrected.

Shields then talked over Rye, who responded by saying he was "lying on a member of Congress."