Bernie Sanders showers CBS host with sarcasm after she says Trump was 'just doing a limited strike' on Iran
Bernie Sanders speaks to Margaret Brennan (CBS/screen grab)

Democratic Presidential contender Bernie Sanders responded with sarcasm on Sunday after CBS host Margaret Brennan defended possible military action against Iran as "just doing a limited strike."

In an interview that was recorded on Saturday, Sanders explained that President Donald Trump's decision not to bomb Iran was like "somebody setting a fire to a basket full of paper and then putting it out."

"He helped create the crisis and then he stopped the attacks," Sanders noted. "He thinks that war with Iran could be good for this country."

"He was just doing a limited strike," Brennan noted.

Sanders exaggerated his reply to clearly demonstrate sarcasm on his part.

"Just a limited strike!" Sanders said. "Oh, well, I'm sorr-eee! I just didn't know that it's okay to simply attack another country with bombs -- 'just a limited strike' -- that's an act of warfare."

Watch the entire clip below.