Child detention centers: Rachel Maddow trades tears for tenacity
Rachel Maddow Breaks Down in Tears (Screen Capture)

Well, a lot has happened since MSNBC host Rachel Maddow broke down on the air about U.S. child detention camps. She got mad - and started getting even.

Maddow said on her June 24 show, "I mean, it`s impossible not to see. I mean, obviously, this is a national interest. This is something we will all have to answer for one day to our makers, right?"

On her June 25 show, Maddow cited an interview from The New Yorker. "Almost every child that we interviewed had a parent or relative in the United States. Many of them had parents in the U.S. and were coming here to be with their parents. Some of the children that we interviewed had been separated from their parents."

From all intents and purposes, Maddow's trajectory has been similar to most sane Americans witnessing an atrocity firsthand. Anger, shock, frustration, sadness - and a will to carry on for the betterment of humanity. Thank you, Rachel.

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