Angela Rye pounds CNN’s Steve Cortes for suggesting Ocasio-Cortez should resign
Angela Rye appears on CNN (screen grab)

CNN turned into a shouting match on Tuesday after a Trump supporter attempted to defend the president's concentration camps along the southern border.

Conservatives panicked on Tuesday after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) referred to Trump's tent city detention centers as concentration camps.

Republican Steve Cortes argued against Ocasio-Cortez was wrong to correctly use the term concentration camps.

"AOC should apologize at least and probably resign," Cortes argued.

Progressive analyst Angela Rye shut down Cortes, explaining to viewers that Ocasio-Cortez was correctly using the term.

"Whether we call them concentration camps or detention, they are problematic," she added. "And I’m telling you that we are irresponsible at this point, that whether we call them concentration camps or not, her point remain and is the right is threatened by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because she tells the truth, whether they can digest it or not."

"And our bottom line here is, there’s an inhumane crisis happening at the southern border and it is because of how these people look. It is because there’s a fear that white people are losing their power in the country. That is the bottom line. It is white fear. That is what is driving this," she explained. "It is racism at its core.

Cortes then claimed that they could not be concentration camps because they do not hold U.S. citizens.

"You’re going to justify this by what citizenship these people have? That’s sick, Steve," Rye noted. "It is a crisis, Steve. It is not okay just because they don’t have their papers."

Host Chris Cuomo also had to step in to correct Cortes as the shouting intensified.