Chuck Schumer caught on tape doing a happy dance leaving the White House — what does it mean for war with Iran?
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and and Sen. Chuck Schumer (Photo: Twitter)

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were caught on video doing a strange motion after their meeting at the White House with President Donald Trump over the Iran conflict.

It's unclear what was happening just from observing, Pelosi was seen applauding and Schumer seemed to be raising the roof, or at least dancing like no one was watching.

It could mean that there was a positive resolution about Iran or if the two Democrats were simply talking about the Congressional softball match Wednesday night.

Schumer later said that he told the White House that they needed to get approval from Congress. When the press asked about the incident Schumer said his mother was just released from the hospital.

"Schumer was telling Pelosi he was overjoyed because his mother had just been released from the hospital and is OK. Pelosi had asked how his mother, who had been rushed to the ER, was doing," Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim tweeted.

You can see the video below: