Here's how Hope Hicks' testimony can shed light on key moments during early days of Trump administration
Hope Hicks (ABC News/screen grab)

On Wednesday, former White House Communications Director Hope Hicks agreed to appear for closed-door testify before the House Judiciary Committee next week.

On CNN's "The Situation Room," analyst Gloria Borger told anchor Wolf Blitzer that the testimony was limited in important ways — but could still give crucial insight into President Donald Trump's actions surrounding the Russia affair.

"Gloria, what do you make of the Judiciary Committee wanting to speak to Hope Hicks, and her agreement to come before the committee behind closed doors next week?" asked Blitzer.

"With a representative from the White House counsel's office at her side, so that even if behind closed doors she wants to claim privilege, the White House counsel can say, we need — you can't talk about that, you can't talk about that," said Borger. "So, we'll see how much she'll be able to testify. I do think it's a bit of a breakthrough for the committee, but it is going to be limited testimony. Don't kid yourself."

"I think what they want to know from Hope Hicks — and we all know this, having covered this story for the last couple of years — is that she was at the president's side almost constantly," said Borger. "She was on Air Force One when the president directed the rewriting of that statement about just what occurred in Don Jr.'s office when he met with the Russians in Trump Tower. So she can elaborate about that."

"And I think she can also talk an awful lot about the president's state of mind during a lot of events that occurred at the White House," Borger added, "because she knows him very well, and she was there."

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