Conservative columnist Max Boot: 'It's reality that's pushing for impeachment'
Max Boot appears on CNN (screen grab)

Max Boot, a conservative columnist for The Washington Post, argued on Sunday that "reality" is "pushing for impeachment."

On CNN's Reliable Sources program, host Brian Stelter asked if it is the media's fault that the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump has become a topic of discussion.

"Journalist are doing their jobs and reporting the facts," national security analyst Samantha Vinograd insisted. "I don’t think that putting the press in one basket is helpful. Trump does that, but we shouldn’t do that."

Boot said that attacking the media over impeachment amounts to "blaming the messenger."

"The real impetus is coming from a lot of Democratic presidential candidates appealing to the base and I think there is a split in the media. There’s not a monolithic view," Boot explained. "I think that on legal and moral grounds, yes, Trump needs to be impeached because he has broken the law and betrayed the Constitution. I’m also cognizant of the political reality he is not going to be convicted by a Republican-controlled Senate."

"I would say it’s not the media pushing for impeachment," Boot added. "It’s reality that’s pushing for impeachment."

"You know you’re going to show up on [Fox News] for that bite," Stelter replied. "That’s a bite they’ll use against you."

"Help yourself, guys," Boot shrugged.

Watch the video below from CNN.