'Delusional': NBC's Richard Engel destroys Trump claim that 'thousands' cheered him in Britain
Richard Engle reports from London (NBC/screen grab)

NBC correspondent Richard Engel on Tuesday shot down President Donald Trump's claim that "thousands" of people came out to greet him in London.

At a press conference with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump said that reports of protesters were "fake news."

"There were thousands of people on the streets cheering," the U.S. president insisted to reporters.

Moments later, Engel appeared on NBC networks across the country to call the president "delusional."

"The protesters have been circulating through downtown London," Engel explained. "Listening to President Trump, he sounds like he has been in a different city than we have been in. We have not seen thousands of people out on the streets welcoming President Trump."

"That sounded to be somewhat delusional," he continued. "Instead, we have seen thousands of people expressing their opposition to President Trump. They say they don't want him here."

According to Engel, the overwhelming message from the protesters is "they do not support President Trump."

"People on the streets here say they just don't trust this president for the future of the United Kingdom," the NBC correspondent concluded.

Watch the video below from NBC.