Ex-prosecutor reveals the two most important questions Democrats need to ask Robert Mueller during his House testimony
Glenn Kirschner/MSNBC screen shot

On Saturday, President Donald Trump took advantage of the world stage at the G20 summit in Osaka to once again attack former special counsel Robert Mueller for the Russia investigation, calling him "totally conflicted" even though he found "no obstruction, no collusion."

Former federal prosecutor and MSNBC analyst Glenn Kirschner, who used to work with Mueller, told host Alex Witt that Trump's ongoing attacks on the former special counsel make it imperative for Democrats to ask him questions that will debunk Trump's central lies about the report in his upcoming testimony to the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

"Glen, we appreciate your insight on all of this," said Witt. "The president has repeated his claims about Mueller's alleged conflicts. Is there any evidence that it's true?"

"Zero evidence that there are any significant conflicts that would have either disqualified Bob Mueller or warranted a serious discussion about whether Bob Mueller was recused from overseeing the investigation," said Kirschner. "And I'm so glad you just played that lead-in, Alex, of the president again spouting out his disinformation mantra, no obstruction, no collusion."

"When Bob Mueller testifies on the 17th, I think what the American people need to see are the basics, the basics of his investigation and his findings," said Kirschner. "So one of the first things I would ask, special counsel Mueller is, 'Special Counsel Mueller, you have heard the president over and over again say your report said no obstruction, no collusion. Let me ask you, Mr. Mueller, is it true or false that your report found no obstruction?' I think when you read the report, Bob Mueller would have to answer that's false."

Likewise, Kirshchner said, Democrats should follow up by saying, "'How about when the president and [Attorney General] Bill Barr claimed that there was a finding of no collusion, true or false?' Bob Mueller would have to say based on the four corners of his report that is false."

"The American people need to have this sort of antiseptic light shining on these disinformation claims that we're inundated with every day," said Kirschner.

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