Far-right extremists are violently obsessed with shutting down 'Drag Queen Story Hour'
Drag queen with mouth wide open (Shutterstock)

"Drag Queen Story Hour" is an event that takes place in libraries across the country.

Kids come to the library and share story hour with performers dressed in drag.

But as Kelly Weill reports in the Daily Beast, far-right extremists are obsessed with shutting them down, protesting outside with loud bullhorns and doxxing the performers online.

"Full of princess dresses and sing-a-longs, the events are a hit with kids," Weill writes.

"Less so with some members of the religious right, who’ve shouted anti-LGBT slogans from bullhorns outside the events. But the campaigns don’t stop at the library doors. On the messaging app Telegram, extremists have encouraged harassment against Story Hour participants, and even established channels dedicated to collecting the personal information on people who attend, known as doxxing."

The campaign of harassment doesn't stop there.

"One Telegram post, authored by a well-known neo-Nazi, encourages followers to collect information like license plate numbers for parents who attend the story hours, and share them on white supremacist channels. It’s unclear whether the calls for doxxing have materialized at the protests," she writes.

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