Former CIA director: 'Unfit to be president is an understatement' for Trump
MSNBC senior national security and intelligence analyst John Brennan.

Former CIA Director John Brennan tweeted that when he hears Joe Biden say President Donald Trump is an existential threat, today's scandal is exactly what Biden means.

"This is just the latest example of what Vice President Biden meant when he said that Mr. Trump is an existential threat to our country. 'Unfit to be President' is a gross understatement. @realDonaldTrump is undeserving of any public office, and all Americans should be outraged," Brennan tweeted.

In an MSNBC interview, Brennan said that this is just part of the same stuff we've seen from Trump since he announced in 2015.

"That has been his attitude ever since he was on the campaign trail, number one," Brennan told host Chris Matthews. "Number two: this just is the definition of an unethical politician who is willing to stoop to anything to win an election and Mr. Trump does not have a problem with a foreign government shaping the outcome of a U.S. election."

He went on to say that it's clear there is a president in the Oval Office "who is not opposed to having the influence and the candidacies of the individual who aspire to gain our foreign trust. It is deeply, deeply angered that that’s what Mr. Trump’s attitude is."

Watch the full interview below: