Former federal prosecutor explaining why Robert Mueller has no choice but to testify
Robert Mueller testifies before Congress (screengrab)

Former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah explained Wednesday that Congress must call those involved in the special counsel's investigation to testify.

During the afternoon panel for Nicolle Wallace, NBC News correspondent Heidi Przybyla explained that the Judiciary Committee members are so frustrated by the lack of people appearing in their hearings. Others believe the U.S. should be in an active impeachment mode. Others believe "Mueller should have been there two weeks ago," she said.

Przybyla said that none seem to understand why special counsel Robert Mueller is so resistant to testifying.

"We understand the basic contours of it, he doesn’t want to get in the middle of a big political fight and make the rest of his life worse," she continued. "Any worse than it’s already going to be having been the person at the center of all of this. But nothing changes in terms of the dynamic right now, unless and until he comes up there."

Wallace argued that unless Democrats can get Mueller or at least someone from his office to explain in real time the decisions that were made, they're done.

"The reality is, I think, this thing is over without some human beings that either conducted the investigation or were interviewed by the investigators," Wallace said. "This is a 'lights out' moment."

Rocah said that she understands Mueller's reluctance to testify before Congress, but that he needs to do it anyway.

"I think that hopefully, he can differentiate between needing to testify and spin his report, sell his report, versus testify and just describe and explain the findings in his report," Rocah said. "That’s what we need right now. I think every time as you highlighted on your show, one piece of evidence from the report gets examined and highlighted, people go, 'Whoa! Really? That happened?' But it’s lost in the sea of bad facts from Trump."

She said it's Mueller that must walk Americans through his findings. He shouldn't feel as though he's a political pawn, he simply needs to explain things, not sell the report.

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