Former Trump lackey Felix Sater will get hit with subpoena after he skips out on congressional testimony
Felix Sater and Donald Trump, screengrab from BBC Panorama

Felix Sater, a longtime business associate of President Donald Trump who helped set up the infamous Trump Tower Moscow project during the 2016 presidential campaign, has skipped out on testifying before the House Intelligence Committee and will now be subpoenaed.

Via MSNBC's Kyle Griffin, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff's (D-CA) office said that Sater did not show up for his scheduled testimony on Friday morning, despite agreeing to do so.

A House Intelligence Committee spokesman said that "As a result, the Committee is issuing a subpoena to compel his testimony."

Sater is a Russian-born former mobster who for years worked with Trump on assorted real estate projects, including the Trump Soho hotel and Trump Tower Moscow.

Sater’s financial relationship with Trump dates back to at least 2003, when the Trump Organization rented out office space to Sater’s former company.

Even though Trump initially tried to distance himself from Sater after news of his criminal past came to light in 2007, he subsequently tapped Sater in 2010 to scout out real estate. Additionally, Sater presented clients with business cards that claimed he was a senior adviser to Trump, and his office was on the same floor as Trump’s office in Trump Tower.

Sater in 1998 pleaded guilty to taking part in a mafia-related stock fraud scheme.