Fox News report slams homeless shelters as 'the most dangerous places in the world'
Charles Payne (Fox News/screen grab)

Business anchor Charles Payne reported on Fox News on Monday about the dangers posed by homeless shelters, calling them "the most dangerous places in the world."

As part of a series of segments on the homeless population in the U.S., Payne slammed San Diego -- even though the city's homeless numbers have gone down.

"This feels like a cosmetic solution," Payne opined. "And I know homeless people, particularly in New York and they hate the shelters. Shelters, you get ripped off, you get beaten up."

"They are the most dangerous places in the world, a homeless shelter," the anchor added.

Fox News host Trace Gallagher chimed in: "You cannot do drugs in the shelter and you cannot drink alcohol."

"It's a cosmetic solution to a much deeper problem," Payne concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News.