Fox's Chris Wallace: Republicans hammered Obama for doing what Trump just did

Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace on Friday said that Republicans -- including Donald Trump -- had "hammered" then-President Barack Obama for deciding not to conduct airstrikes on Syria.

Fox News host Shepard Smith asked Wallace how Trump's decision to abort a prepared strike on Iran was "different from President Obama pulling back from the red line in Syria?"

"It's a question you have to ask yourself," he replied. "First, you ask yourself, if what happened yesterday had happened under President Obama, where the president gives the order to strike, that the planes are in the air and ten minutes before he pulls them back, what would have been the reaction from Republicans and probably Democrats as well?"

"You don’t have to entirely guess because we know," Wallace said. "And it wasn’t nearly this much of a hair trigger -- where the president, President Obama, set the red line back in 2012 and said if Bashar al-Assad had another chemical weapons attack that that would be the red line, the trigger for military action. But before he had ordered it, he pulled back.

"He got hammered," he continued. "President Obama got hammered and one of the people he got hammered by was Donald Trump, who as recently in 2017 as president said this sent a signal of weakness not only to Syria but around the world about what American resolve is and about what the word of the president meant. Now we have this happening by President Trump on his watch."