‘Get racists off the streets’: South Bend voters shout down Buttigieg over police shooting at fiery town hall
South Bend citizens hold town hall with city Pete Buttigieg leaders after police shooting (Photos: Screen capture)

Last week's police-involved shooting left one unarmed Black man dead and South Bend, Indiana residents are demanding answers.

During a town hall with the police chief and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, furious residents demanded action. But one woman, in particular, spoke out about the oppression communities of color face.

"I don't understand how you expect anyone to talk about respect in an oppressed society," she told the city leaders. "What is respect in an oppressed society? How can you blame the victims of last night in an oppressed society?"

She was referencing a shooting that occurred early Sunday at 2 a.m. In a city where people of color feel disrespected and lack equality, being respectful to the citizens and police on both sides of the argument isn't possible, she seemed to argue.

"So what you can do today, and I'm not playing, and I got two minutes, what you can do today, there are ways to assess the way people think," she noted. "Do you understand? Get the people that are racist off the streets. Reorganize your department. You can do that by Friday!"

There are computer programs that are often used in research to determine if racism can be detected.

Buttigieg repeated multiple times that he would take responsibility for various things.

Watch the comments from citizens in South Bend below: