GOP lawmaker squirms as CNN's Sciutto fact checks him on Trump stonewalling Congress
CNN's Jim Sciutto interviews Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) (Screen cap).

CNN's Jim Sciutto made things uncomfortable for Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) during a contentious interview about President Donald Trump's stonewalling of Congress.

At the start of the interview, Sciutto brought up Trump's recent decision to exert executive privilege over all documents related to the 2020 census, and he asked Reed whether voters "should be comfortable with the president making a broad protection of executive privilege over all documents related to a question requested by a sitting committee of their representatives in Congress?"

Reed, however, tried to dodge the question and made it sound like the president was engaging in routine activity meant to protect the executive branch of government.

Sciutto, however, wasn't having it.

"You've read the Constitution!" he said. "Congress has an oversight responsibility... over the executive branch. While executive privilege has been around a long time, no previous administration has used it so expansively as this one, in response to a whole host of subpoenas."

Reed objected to Sciutto's question and insisted that Trump has been asserting executive privilege just as much as past presidents.

"They're using executive privilege for every subpoena that Congress has come up with the last several weeks!" Sciutto shot back.

Watch the video below.